Dapu is a Japanese-owned company who have been manufacturing and delivering electric bicycle components worldwide for over 10 years. We are deeply committed to exploring new technologies in a constant bid to offer the ultimate ebike experience.

With a commitment to provide the highest power, durability and precision in ebike performance, our team of engineers and specialists aim for pragmatic innovation when designing. As a result, the Dapu portfolio offers top quality motors and boasts a complete range of accessories to ensure our customers experience ebike in an exciting and revolutionary way.

Our rapidly spreading reputation means we now supply some of the leading European and American ebike brands and reach consumers in over 40 Countries across the globe.

“Our mission at Dapu is to deliver high quality, reliable bicycle drive systems that allow our customers to explore the outdoors safely and enjoyably.” – all staff of Dapu 

Since 2004

Japanese Owned

US$ 9.1 billion company

ISO Accredited